What to Look for When Buying a Computer

For individuals who are not familiar with computers, it can be quite a challenge when going to buy one. There are undoubtedly many different brands to choose from, all of which have their own unique features. Some basics should be paid attention to when purchasing this type of equipment.

Random-Access Memory

This is also known as RAM in its short form. It is a collective term which will often be referred to when one is talking about buying a good computer. It is the hardware of the equipment that is responsible for storing the data that is active when using a computer. It is different than storage. How much RAM is needed is going to depend on the type of use that the computer is going to be subjected to. For individuals who want to have a lot of applications open at one time, then they are going to need more RAM. Individuals who will be using the computer in this way should have at least 16 GB of RAM.


A common complaint that many individuals may have about a computer is that it is slow when performing different actions. This is where the computer relies on its processor. This is also the component which adds greatly to the cost factor of the computer. For those individuals who just want to use their computer for doing the basics, then they can purchase a computer that has a processor which is not all that powerful. This will help to keep the cost factor down. In most cases, for this purpose, an i3 will be sufficient. For those who want more of a top of the line computer, then they will want one that has a processor with an i7 chip.


When it comes to choosing a computer based on storage, there will be two basic options; one will be the hard disk drive, or the other will be a solid-state drive.