Basic Parts of a Computer

For those who are familiar with computers, the various components of them are not intimidating. For others who are new to this type of device, the parts of a computer can be a little overwhelming. There are different styles of computers which include desktops and laptops. Laptops are great for those who are on the go.

The Computer Case

Focusing on the desktop version of a computer, one of the main components is the case or what is sometimes called the tower. This is where all of the computer’s hardware resides. Here, the main components are the motherboard and the central processing unit. The power supply is also located here. These cases come in different shapes and sizes. Some lay flat while others such as the towers stand upright.


Without a monitor, the desktop computer will not be of much use. This piece of equipment works from a video card which is located in the tower case. The monitor itself will have some buttons to help control the functionality of the screen. New technology has allowed the screens to be produced in a much lighter and thinner format with better clarity.

The Keyboard

To be able to communicate with the computer requires a keyboard. These are pretty basic, although some come with more advanced features. There is a small learning curve which comes with being able to use the keyboard efficiently.

The Mouse

Like some of the other components, the mouse comes in different styles and designs. These include the trackball and the touchpad.

These components are the most visible ones of a desktop computer. Many other parts within the case are important for the functioning of the equipment. Once an individual becomes familiar with the essential elements, they begin to feel more comfortable overall with the computer itself.