Most Popular Computer Brands

Often the decision of which computer to buy will be made based on the brand as well as the price. However, today, with there being so many different brands with each of them having some excellent features, it allows for more choice in better price ranges.


Acer is a company which is based in Asia and has grown throughout the years by purchasing other brands. It is not the most popular brand, but it is one that is well known and comes within the middle of the list of renowned companies. Another brand that some were becoming very familiar with was Gateway, which was purchased by Acer.


For those people who are not so familiar with computers, they will often recognize the name Apple as it is so well known. They are also known for producing expensive computers.


ASUS became more well known for the provision of parts for other computer brands. They gained a reputation mostly from the production of motherboards. Eventually, they entered into the open market of selling computers and competing with those that they had been providing parts to.


Dell is also a well-known name in the computer industry and often one that is recognized by buyers who are not all that familiar with computers themselves. Dell has done very well in the computer business and has a great approach for selling, as they do so on the retail level as well as selling direct. Dell has managed to keep itself solid in the list for the top computer providers, taking the number three spot.


Hewlett-Packard was originally known more for the production of scientific instruments and then eventually ventured into the computer industry. Before doing this, it gained recognition for the production of quality printers. They were also known to be an expensive supplier when it came to both printers and computers, but have become more on par with their pricing in recent years.