Computer Maintenance

Even though computers have become much more affordable, they can still be costly. Once purchased, they need to be cared for properly. Some basic computer maintenance tasks need to be carried out.

Keeping it Clean

Many of the important parts of a computer are kept away from direct dirt and debris. Others are not, such as the keyboard, mouse, and openings on the case. Keeping these clean is important. If the mouse becomes dirty on the underside, it will not move properly. A dirty keyboard can cause the keys to stick. If the vent openings on the case are not kept free from dust, then it doesn’t allow for enough air circulation for the internal section of the case.

Cleaning the Monitor

An unclean monitor may not affect its functionality, but it will take away from the features which the monitor has. It should be cleaned with a screen cleaner regularly.

Resist Overcharging

Some computers need to be charged for battery use like laptops. Don’t get into the habit of overcharging these. This wears down the batteries over time.

Internal Maintenance

These are the basic tips for a physical cleaning of the exterior components of the computer. There is also maintenance which is needed when it comes to the workings of the computer itself. Several tools are probably available on the computer for doing this, such as:

  • Disk Maintenance: This is comprised of a disk cleanup. This allows for the cleaning of the hard disks. It can help the hard disk to become organized once again and free up more space.
  • Optimizing: Some tools can be used as a drive optimizer which will help to speed up the system.
  • Task Management: This is a tool which can help do diagnostics on a computer.

These are just a few simple but essential maintenance tips.