Computer Chips and the Human Brain

Modern technology is growing in leaps and bounds, which includes advancements in the computer industry. People never cease to be amazed at just how smart their computers and mobile devices are becoming. A recent buzz word when it comes to technology, which applies to computers is artificial intelligence. For some, this is exciting, and for others, it is a bit nerve-wracking.

Chips Like Brains

Computers are comprised of different types of computer chips. The chips give computers certain capabilities. The more advanced the chips are, the more the computers are capable of doing.

Now there are chips that are being designed to mimic the human brain. This is something that IBM is working on with the building of a prototype called “Neurosynaptic” chips. The concept behind this prototype is for the building of cognitive computers that will have the ability to think like the brain of a human. The purpose of such a computer is to increase its efficiency, speed and productivity with as few as components as necessary. This prototype is still way off from going into mass production, but there are computers that are being produced and operating that are considered to be super computers.

Super Computers

It seems like the race is on among several different countries to be able to claim the title of having the world’s best supercomputer. In 2013 America was able to make this claim but has long since lost this claim. At least until now. There has been a new super computer introduced in a lab in Tennessee that is partially based on AI.

What Does It All Mean?

For some, the advancement of using AI in computers is exciting. For others, they believe that it is going to create more harm than good. Such as creating job shortages. Either way, there will be no stopping the advancements being made in computer technology.