Welcome to the website that has been designed for those who want a quick and easy understanding of the basics of computers. There is a lot of great information to be found here. What is even better is that it is presented in easy-to-understand terms and will be most informative for those who have limited knowledge of computers. Some of the information to be found here includes:

Buying a Computer

Quite often one of the reasons a person wants to learn more about computers is because they are going to buy one. There is a great post here that offers some tips for when this type of purchase is necessary.

Computer Brands

For those who are interested in popular computer brands, there is some information here that covers those that are most well known in the computer industry.

Computers and AI

Just to make things more interesting, there is a post here that talks about the future for computers. It focuses on the AI that is now being built into some of these units. It is not something the average computer user would want to invest in, but it is interesting worth knowing a little about.

Computer Parts

Although computers can be intimidating for those who don’t know a lot about them, there are just a few basic parts that one has to become familiar with. The information provided here will help with that.


Computer maintenance is important but not all that difficult to do. The tips here will be beneficial for this.

Buying a Laptop

There are some good tips here for those who are interested in buying a laptop rather than a desktop computer.


There may come a time where the computer needs some repairs. This post about choosing a computer repair service will be helpful.

Gaming Computers

Here the gaming enthusiast will find some important information about investing in a good quality gaming computer. A good gaming computer will icrease the odds of winning at slots.